Geomatics Career Fair 2017

On February 3rd, Geomatics students had an opportunity to meet with potential employers at the 6th Annual Geomatics Career Fair, which was organized by the Geomatics Club at York. Participating companies included J.D. Barnes Limited, EXP Geomatics Inc., Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, Applanix Corporation, Esri Canada, City of Missisauga, The Airborne Sensing Corporation, and […]

ESSE Teaching Retreat

On Wednesday, February 22nd, a number of ESSE faculty members as well as staff and one grad student attended ESSE’s annual teaching retreat. It was again held in the Victoria room at Black Creek Pioneer Village. As they arrived in the morning, faculty members were encouraged to sit with other faculty members in their programs: […]

Student Open Feedback Forum

A series of Student Open Feedback Forums has been held for undergraduate programs in ESSE Department: Geomatics Engineering on February 15th, Space Engineering on February 16th, and Earth and Atmospheric Science on February 27th. Students met with the Chair of the department, Dr. Regina Lee, as well as with other faculty members and staff from […]

An Interview: Dr. John Moores

What is your educational background? I did my undergrad in Engineering Science at University of Toronto, and then a PhD in Planetary Science at University of Arizona. What is your most memorable project? My most memorable project is the Huygens Probe, since it was the first space mission that I had worked on. It is […]

Graduate Studies Open House

ESSE Department took part in the Lassonde School of Engineering’s inaugural Graduate Studies Open House on Tuesday, January 24th. Undergraduate and Master’s-level students had an opportunity to learn how Lassonde research is changing the world and how they can be a part of the experience.

Dr. John Moores’s Research Identifies Icy Ridges on Pluto

Using a model similar to what meteorologists use to forecast weather on Earth and a computer simulation of the physics of evaporating ices, a new study, published in the journal Nature, by York University’s Professor John Moores, Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering at York’s Lassonde School of Engineering, has found evidence that […]

Dr. Gordon Shepherd Receives the COSPAR William Nordberg Medal

In June, the international Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) has announced that Gordon Shepherd had been awarded the COSPAR William Nordberg Medal. It was stated that he would receive the award on August 1st during the 41st COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey. On July 15th, after an attempted coup in Turkey, the COSPAR officials found […]

An Interview: Prof. Franz Newland

What is your educational background? I went to school in California until senior kindergarten, as well as spent 6 months going to school in Bahamas. However, most of my education I obtained in the UK. I have received a degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering in South Hampton, then a PhD in Tracking Clouds and Satellite […]

Paola’s Retirement Party — November 11th

On Friday, November 11th, colleagues, friends, and  family of Paola Panaro got together to wish her happy retirement. As Administrative Assistant at the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering for many years, Paola has always been a source of professional support and helpful advice to faculty, staff, and students alike. We all are […]

GIS Day — November 16th

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day is an annual event first held on November 19, 1999 by the National Geographical Society (NGS), the Association of American Geographers (AAG), and ESRI. Since then, GIS Day is held on the third Wednesday of November each year during Geography Awareness Week. This year, an event, which was organized by […]

Advisory Board on the Law of the Sea seminar

As part of his role as an International Association of Geodesy (IAG) member of the Advisory Board on the Law of the Sea (ABLOS), Sunil helped organize and attend the Board’s annual meeting and seminar, this year held in Seoul, South Korea on October 26-28.  Amongst the Board’s tasks is to host regional seminars to […]

Government of Canada GNSS workshop

Sunil was invited to speak and chair a panel discussion on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) innovation for the federal government.  The meeting, entitled “GNSS Vulnerabilities, Innovation, and Policy (VIP) Workshop” was organized by the GNSS Coordinate Office at Industry Canada and hosted by the Federal GNSS Coordination Board on October 21st.  Over 100 participants […]

The Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS) Visited the Geomatics Engineering Program at ESSE on November 18th-19th 2016

Our Geomatics Engineering Program is being assessed towards accreditation by The Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS). CBEPS establishes, assesses and certifies the academic qualifications of individuals who apply to become land surveyors and/or geomatics professionals in Canada, except for Ontario and Quebec. This includes becoming of Canada Land Surveyor conducting surveying in […]

Dr. William Colgan on the Cover of YorkU Magazine

Professor William Colgan is featured on the fall issue of York University Magazine. The article describes his 36-day study of Greenland’s ice sheets and the effects of rising temperatures. The investigation resulted in some surprising discoveries, contrary to research done in 2012. Professor Colgan is a member of NASA’s FirnCover research team, working with them […]

An Interview: Prof. William Colgan

What is your educational background? I did my undergrad at Queens University in Biology and Geography. Then I moved on to University of Alberta for my Masters degree in Atmospheric Science. This is where I got hooked on the ice cores! Finally, I completed my Ph. D. at University of Colorado on the topic “The […]