Lassonde research team selected by NASA to provide support to the Curiosity mission

Lassonde Professor John Moores and his research team have been selected by NASA to provide scientific and operations support to the Mars Science Laboratory Mission (Curiosity). The team is comprised of Moores, MSc student Jake Kloos, Postdoctoral Fellow Christina Smith and PhD Student Casey Moore. The Lassonde team will be part of the mission through […]

Detection of gravitational waves, and one of our graduates!

What are some of our ESSE graduates doing now? Dr. Susan McCall, an ESSE alumni has done work useful to LIGO, which has recently been in the news for the detection of gravitational waves. Stellar Optics Research International Coporation’s (SORIC) Founder and President, Dr. Susan McCall is a specialist in optical black surfaces/materials and optical […]

Sun dogs versus Rainbows

On Friday, our department’s own Dr. Lee witnessed a Sun Dog on her way to York, an atmospheric phenomenon that Dr. Klaassen explains,  “…they form about 22 degrees on either side of a bright sun, due to refraction by ice  crystals. If you are looking at a rainbow, the sun is behind you”.  

York U researchers help create first map of Greenland ice sheet movement

York U researchers are among a team of scientists that has created the first map showing how the Greenland ice sheet has flowed over time, revealing that ice in the interior is now moving more slowly toward the edges than it has, on average, over the past 9,000 years. In comparing this paleo-velocity map to modern […]

Lassonde is home to Esri Canada GIS Centre of Excellence

Lassonde School is Engineering has been selected by Esri Canada as a GIS Centre of Excellence. The partnership with Esri Canada means that students will benefit through experiential learning using the ArcGIS platform and faculty will have the opportunity to conduct innovative research. “The Centre will help our students develop valuable entrepreneurial skills and create […]

STEMinism: Lassonde 50:50 Gender Initiative recognized in Ontario Professional Magazine

The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University is Canada’s first engineering school to set a goal of 50:50 gender balance “By twelve years old, most girls can’t do math.” “If they study science, they will have to give-up arts or sports.” “High school physics is too hard for girls anyways.” It is not uncommon […]

York U-led laser instrument to help bring home asteroid sample by NASA mission

Michael Daly, a York University researcher, is the lead scientist on a laser altimeter that will map the surface and create a 3D model of the asteroid Bennu during a NASA mission launching in 2016. The instrument will also help to guide the spacecraft on the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission to a safe spot, […]

Climate change altering Greenland ice sheet and accelerating sea level rise, says York U professor William Colgan

The Greenland ice sheet has traditionally been pictured as a bit of a sponge for glacier meltwater, but new research has found it is rapidly losing the ability to buffer its contribution to rising sea levels, says a York University researcher. York University Professor William Colgan, a co-author on the study published Jan. 4 in […]

Lassonde students receive NASA award for Mars Rover work

Lassonde PhD Student Casey Moore (left), MSc student Jacob Kloos (middle) and advisor Prof. John E. Moores (right) show off their NASA Group Achievement Awards in front of the Bergeron Center on September 1st, 2015. Photo Credit: Brittney Cooper Casey Moore and Jacob Kloos, two graduate students in the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Earth and […]

Professor Izaak de Rijcke Receives Grant for Textbook

Izaak de Rijcke, OLS, LL.M. The Foundation for Legal Research has awarded a grant to adjunct professor Izaak de Rijcke to assist in the preparation of a manuscript for a textbook to be titled, Principles of Boundary Law in Canada. The textbook will address the doctrinal principles of boundary law in common law Canada and […]

Real – Time MADAM : Pan Am and ParaPan Am Forecast

ESSE Post Doc (Zhan Li) and 4th year undergraduate student (Zheng Qi Wang) are working with the The Weather Network on a joint project with ESSE (Principle Investigator, Professor Yongsheng Chen) to run real time weather forecasts for southern Ontario during the Pan Am and ParaPan Am games (July 10-26 and Aug 7-15). The forecast […]

Lassonde Student Wins Research Conference Prize

Brittney Cooper, the undergraduate student of Professor John Moores has been awarded the Best Student Poster Presentation Prize for her work presented at the American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly in Montreal taking place in early May. The prize comes from the Geological Association of Canada’s Planetary Sciences Division. This is a significant honour for an […]

Izaak de Rijcke’s talk in Whitehorse attracts large turnout

On June 10th 2015, Izaak de Rijcke contract lecturer at Lassonde School of Engineering and practicing real estate law in Ontario gave a lecture at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse. The lecture had a large turnout of over 200 people. The title of the lecture was “Rethinking Land Titles and Boundaries: Integrating Aboriginal Interests […]