Student Clubs

While you are here, we want you to get involved in our active student community! You can view our existing student clubs here:
  • The Engineering Society at York is the student government that officially represents the interests of all engineering students to the faculty, university and beyond. The Society, also known as EngSoc, provides services, events and countless extracurricular opportunities to approximately 200 engineering students. Every engineering undergrad is a member, and everyone is welcome to participate! The EngSoc is for the Engineering Students at York University, run by the Engineering Students at York University and ultimately accountable to the Engineering Students at York University. The society aims to develop “soft skills” while bringing awareness for a sustainable environment and finally produce engineers ready for the global community. The Society is here to represent a positive image of Student Engineers both here and abroad, and this should be the driving force and motivation of all Engineering Students.
  • The York University Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is the fully autonomous student body that represents the more than 6,100 full and part-time graduate students registered at York University. Our branch at the Earth and Space Science and Engineering department represent the voice of our graduate students in the department and our representative attend regular meetings at the gathering with other GSA affilates.
  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is a student-based, independent organization, which seeks to promote the exploration and development of space. SEDS works to achieve this objective by educating students and the general public about the advances currently being made in this field; along with its benefits to humanity, and the ethical concerns surrounding its development. SEDS members are people interested in doing as much as they can to promote space exploration and development. SEDS provides an excellent environment in which to obtain access to many sources of space related information. These sources include speakers, tours and films.
  • esseClubthunder2
    The York Atmospheric Science Club (YASC) is intended as a way for students in the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering and those in related departments to get to know each other and to learn about some of the applications of atmospheric studies in the real world. In order to let interested students see what meteorologists do, and what the future may hold for those who study it, the club organizes tours of various weather related locations including both the Environment Canada Weather Centre in Toronto, and The Weather Network in Mississauga. Regardless of whether you are an atmospheric science student or not, we welcome you to join the club as it is a great way to broaden your network and find out about opportunities in the field.
  • esseClubYurt
    The club empowers students to learn about robotics, develop software, hardware and mechanics, and compete in local and international robotic competitions.
    Founded in 2007 as the York University Rover Team (YURT) and restructured as YURS in 2013, the organization has sent teams to NASA’s Lunabotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, The Mars Society’s University Rover Challenge (URC) in Utah, and the Centre of Surgical Invention & Innovation (CSII) in Ontario. YURS has won URC twice, CSII in 2012, and has been top 10 performer at Lunabotics. Whether you just want to learn more about robotics or compete internationally, YURS has a spot for you. General members have the opportunity to participate in Hackshops, where our experienced members lead instructional sessions on different robotic skills. For those itching for a bigger challenge, members are encouraged to form teams, ask for funding, and join the YURS tradition by competing in robotic competitions. If you like programming, working with your hands, designing or fabricating, then YURS has a place for you.
  • esseClubAols
    The Geomatics Club at York University’s main objective is to create a home for all Geomatics, Environmental, Surveying and GIS students to gather and connect with each other. This club will provide information about the Geomatics, hands on projects, job opportunities and a solid network within the field of Geomatics. It is a great way to make friends at York University within our field of interest!
Got something new in mind? We are always looking to expland our student community. If you would like to start your own club, contact us!