About the Program:

Space Engineering is based on the framework of applied mathematics, physics and astronomy and computer science to perform system design, fabrication, and integration of satellite communication systems, remote sensing technology and scientific payloads; design and management of complex hardware and data systems.

Space Engineering is a rapidly emerging field that has links to many other disciplines including Geomatics Engineering, spaceEngComputer Engineering and Space Science, all of which are offered at Lassonde. Space Engineering is concerned with the development of space technology that will increase our knowledge of the solid Earth, oceans and atmosphere and evolution of our planetary system and universe. Probing the Earth and its atmosphere from space provides an efficient, cost-effective and rapid approach to discovering natural resources, understanding the climate system and ocean circulation.

Space Engineering in combination with Geomatics Engineering and Computer Engineering enables the development of new technologies and applications that accelerate economic growth and improve the standard of living. Spaceborne sensors provide useful, and in many cases real-time data that have a wide variety of applications in weather prediction, in resource exploration, environmental management, navigation, health and safety, and many others. Areas of study may include, satellite missions, space stations and deep space probes, propulsion systems, space exploration and communication, space vehicles and orbit determination, sensors, data acquisition, evaluation, processing and analysis. These studies have strong laboratory components that are connected to international projects designed to explore our solar system. York University is currently involved in a number of satellite missions dedicated to studies of the atmosphere from space.

Curriculum Information
Students in the Specialized Honours BEng Space Engineering stream are required to complete:

Participation in the Co-op Program is highly recommended for all engineering students, but is not a degree requirement.

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