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Important Note for all Undergraduate students
Our office is currently closed.
Please email your queries to essedept@yorku.ca
Our faculty team listed below will provide support to students via email.

Jinjun Shan
Chair of ESSE Department
Mark Gordon
GPD of ESSE Department
Gary Klaassen
UPD of Atmospheric science
Sunil Bisnath
UPD of Geomatics Science & Engineering
Franz Newland
UPD of Space Science & Engineering

ESSE Undergraduate Program

Weekly chat for all ESSE Students

Mondays at 1 PM – 2 PM


Meeting ID: 820 930 3975
Password: fnewland

Join UPDs, Franz Newland, Gary Klaassen and ESSE Admin Assistant Karishma Karim for an informal chat and info session each week

ESSE Graduate Program

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

July 30th, Thursday,  2:00 – 3:00 PM  & August 27th, Thursday,  2:00 – 3:00 PM


 Meeting ID by location: Graduate Students Zoom Meeting 2020

Join Mark Gordon, GPD,  Jinjun Shan, Chair of ESSE and Marcia Gaynor, Graduate Program Assistant for an informal chat.

The ESSE Department is home to nearly 22 faculty members, 300 undergraduate and over 100 graduate students,  and is one of the founding members of the Lassonde School of Engineering, offering several unique and world-class graduate and undergraduate programs.

  • Canada’s only Space Engineering program

  • Ontario’s only Geomatics Engineering program

  • Ontario’s only Meteorology/ Atmospheric Science Program

ESSE Feature of the Week

Meet Professor Franz Newland
Undergraduate Program Director, Earth & Space Science & Engineering Department

  • About Me

    I’m a (bad) flautist, have been married for 24 years as of December 23rd, have lived in 7 countries, love reading (Jasper Fforde, Alan Bradley, Terry Fallis, …), playing board games or card games (especially with my son), and love learning.

  • Someone who’s made a difference in my life

    There have been many inspirational people outside this community this year, but I am always so inspired inside the community too. It is hard to pick out one person in this community. The students here make a huge difference to me – I have had so many exciting conversations with you about your plans and hopes – and I am lucky to have colleagues who forgive my delays and challenges. For this year though, I’ll single out the DESCENT grad student team – they have been good humoured and resilient to the topsy-turvy ride getting DESCENT ready for launch next year. The hours they committed to the project, the determination to turn around setbacks and the positive outlook (even in the small hours of the morning after a hard night of testing) always makes me hopeful. I also want a shout out to Hossam Sadek from Mechanical Engineering, and Sal Paneduro from the Dean’s office, who are always ready to support and cajole me when I’m falling behind!

  • Fun Fact About Me

    I have two older sisters – one flies helicopters out of Richmond, Virginia, the other used to be an Air Traffic Controller (watch commander at Heathrow) but now lives in Cornwall and does lots of voluntary work.

Each week, we feature a member of the ESSE Community to showcase their passions for the fields of study that comprise our department and their unique personalities.

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