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Important Note for ALL Students in ESSE

Our office is currently closed.
Please email your queries to essedept@lassonde.yorku.ca (undergraduate) or mgaynor@yorku.ca (graduate)
You can also book an appointment with our Undergraduate and Graduate Program Directors listed below.
They can be reached 1-2 pm on Mondays to provide you immediate assistance that you may need.

Jinjun Shan
Chair of ESSE Department
Sunil Bisnath
UPD of Geomatics Science & Engineering
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The ESSE Department is home to nearly 22 faculty members, 300 undergraduate and over 100 graduate students,  and is one of the founding members of the Lassonde School of Engineering, offering several unique and world-class graduate and undergraduate programs.

  • Canada’s only Space Engineering program

  • Ontario’s only Geomatics Engineering program

  • Ontario’s only Meteorology/ Atmospheric Science Program

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