The Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering advances excellence in student learning experience and fosters innovative education and research to create exceptional science and engineering professionals and leaders in the exploration and understanding of the Earth and planetary systems, for the prosperity of a sustainable society.
Our Mission:
  1. Consistent with the mission statements of York University and of the Lassonde School of Engineering, the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering (ESSE), will provide high quality education and conduct innovative research for the exploration and understanding of our planet, including its atmosphere and planetary space.
  2. The strategic priorities of the ESSE that will be the catalysts for achieving York’s overarching principles are:
    • Effective governance
    • Research intensification, quality and reputation
    • Quality in student learning experience
    • Community outreach
    • Internationalisation
  3. Building on the overarching themes of academic quality, student success and engagement and outreach articulated in the UAP, ESSE will commit to excellence in teaching, research and student experience.
  4. Our department will nurture creative science and engineering programs in an effective, stimulating and multidisciplinary environment in which students, faculty and staff can grow and excel.
  5. Through an ongoing commitment to academic excellence, our department will strengthen and enhance the synergies of its diverse science and engineering expertise to generate a vibrant and positive impact on Canada’s socioeconomic development and prosperity.
  6. Through internationalisation and engagement of our community, alumni, professional associations, industry, governments, collaborators, researchers and other external stakeholders we will enrich our programs to achieve national and international recognition and reputation.