Dr. Whiteway’s research interests can be subdivided into a number of categories. Atmospheric measurements: The main technical basis of the research is development and application laser remote sensing (or lidar) for atmospheric measurements from the ground, from aircraft, and on Mars. Much of the research also involves in-situ measurements with instruments installed on a high altitude aircraft called the Egrett. Climate: Airborne measurement campaigns to study cirrus clouds, water vapour, and dynamics in the upper troposphere at mid-latitudes and in the tropics. Atmospheric Dynamics: Airborne measurement campaigns to investigate atmospheric gravity waves and turbulence. Martian Atmosphere: Design, testing, and implementation of a lidar system on the Phoenix Mars Lander (2008) to measure the distribution of dust and clouds. Air Quality: Development of a mobile lidar and measurements to investigate the sources and evolution of urban pollution. Arctic Ozone: Construction of a new lidar for measurements of tropospheric and stratospheric ozone at the Eureka Station in the Canadian Arctic.