Geomatics Engineering Grad Students- First Runner-Up – 2020 ECCE App Challenge National competition

CONGRATULATIONS to our Geomatics Engineering grad students Xuyang, Aman and Amir!!! They are the First Runner-Up team in the 2020 Esri Canada App Challenge national competition. The Esri Canada GIS Centres of Excellence (ECCE) initiative is aimed at encouraging innovation in GIS research and promoting teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis […]


Neil Tandon, Lassonde professor’s research is unlocking secrets in the deep Pacific Ocean

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science, Neil Tandon, from the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering at Lassonde, recently published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography. His paper looks at how the behaviour of the “ocean conveyor” – what oceanographers call the “overturning circulation” – varies from year to year. Neil Tandon The 2004 […]


Lassonde team wins Innovation Award at National Geomatics Competition

Last month, the Geomatics Club out of Lassonde School of Engineering sent two teams comprised of third-year and fourth-year students to Waterloo to compete in the National Geomatics Competition (NGC). The competition is a student-led consulting engineering competition based in the field of geomatics with a focus to bring together students and industry representatives from […]

Athina Peidou

Lassonde PhD student, Athina Peidou, solves an 18-year-old problem

Lassonde School of Engineering PhD student, Athina Peidou, has solved a problem that has occupied the international scientific community for more than 18 years. Co-written by her supervisor Professor Spiros Pagiatakis from the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Peidou’s finding was detailed in the paper “Stripe mystery in GRACE geopotential models revealed” […]

Artificial Intelligence

Lassonde Professors Jinjun Shan & Michael Jenkin, awarded major grants for two cutting-edge projects on AI-and-human interaction

Two York University projects led by Lassonde School of Engineering Professors Michael Jenkin (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and Jinjun Shan (Earth and Space Science and Engineering) were awarded funding from the Department of National Defence’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program under Innovation Networks in October 2019. York’s securing two of the […]


Prof. Gunho Sohn, ESSE Department receives large NSERC grants for research and development

Two York University professors receive large NSERC grants for research and development January 12, 2020 Two York University professors have received Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grants. The grants were awarded to Professors Gunho Sohn of the Lassonde School of Engineering and Faculty of Science Professor […]

Gunho Sohn

York U researchers play major role in advancing autonomous rail travel

It is no secret that technology is disrupting many industries – from healthcare to customer service and everything in between. Rail transport is no stranger to these innovations and is currently undergoing a rapid digital and autonomy revolution. In tandem with the development and evolution of the autonomous economy and smart, sustainable, interconnected cities, passengers […]

Gordon Shepherd

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus Gordon G. Shepherd to deliver lecture, Nov. 1

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus Gordon G. Shepherd will deliver the fall term lecture for the Association of Retired Faculty and Librarians (ARFL) at York University on Nov. 1. Gordon Shepherd Shepherd, of the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering, presents the talk “Earth’s Aurora and Airglow as Seen from […]

Latest News

Lassonde Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference narrows in on sustainability and inclusivity

The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University hosted its fourth annual Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference on Aug. 15, with more than 70 students participating. Students showcased the diverse research projects they’ve been working on throughout the summer, with five oral presentations and 53 poster exhibits under various research awards, including the following: Natural […]

Study provides new clues to the source of methane gas on Mars

A team of researchers led by scientists at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering has modelled how methane changes on Mars throughout the day by using data from a satellite, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and the Curiosity rover. In the past, each had measured significantly different amounts of methane on Mars. The new measurements provide […]


Lassonde research paper, earns front cover of ‘Journal of Geophysical Research’

Atmospheric science Professor Peter Taylor and grad student Soudeh Afsharian’s paper “On the Potential Impact of Lake Erie Wind Farms on Water Temperatures and Mixed‐Layer Depths: Some Preliminary 1‐D Modeling Using COHERENS” was featured on the front cover of the Journal of Geophysical Research’s March issue. Peter Taylor Their research article covers Lake Erie’s potential […]

Innovative, pan-University capstone classroom launches in September

A new, full-year capstone course is being pilot tested this fall at York University. C4: The Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom brings together third- and fourth-year students from different faculties into multidisciplinary teams focused on solving pressing, real-world challenges posed by organizations operating in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. C4 partners include the Yonge Street Mission, […]

Christine L Smith

Lassonde postdoctoral researcher, Christina L. Smith, selected to join NASA mission to Jupiter

NASA has selected Christina L. Smith, a postdoctoral researcher at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering, to be a participating scientist on NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter. Congratulations, Christina !!. For more info, click here.

Picture of Tom McElroy

Lassonde Professor talks Ozone Layer on Irish Podcast

Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Emeritus Tom McElroy was recently featured in an interview on the radio show and subsequent podcast Kerry Today, with host Joe McGill, alongside the director of the Irish Meteorological Service (Met Eireann), Eoin Moran. The show took place in Ireland where McElroy was on location visiting the weather station in […]