York Atmospheric Science Club

Office: Bethune College 114

Email: yasc@yorku.ca

The York Atmospheric Science Club (YASC) was created to be a home for students in the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering and related departments to share their passion for all things weather-related.

YASC is a social space as much as a space for students to learn about the applications of atmospheric science in the real world. We welcome you to join the club, whether you study atmospheric science or are enrolled in another program, as it is a great way to broaden your network and find out about opportunities in the field.

Some events you can look forward to:

In order to showcase exactly what meteorologists do, and what the future may hold for those who study it, the club organizes tours of various weather related locations including the Environment Canada Weather Centre in Toronto and The Weather Network in Mississauga.

YASC runs social events like bowling nights and hosts club meetings every semester (pizza included!)!

Hey everyone,

My name is Nick d’Entremont and I’m serving as the President of YASC this year. This will be my fourth year in the Atmospheric Science program and my fourth year in the club. Beyond weather, my passions include technology, photography and videography. I’m also a member of the York Lions Curling team. I’m really looking forward to working with this year’s executives and club members so that this year is the best one yet.

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the YASC executive team, we’re already very excited for the upcoming year. We’ve got lots of plans in the works, including TV station tours, tons of socials, our usual weather discussions at Environment Canada and many more things to come. We’re hoping to grow our presence in the school and keep our club active so we can have the best year we possibly can. We’re hoping to see all Atmospheric Science students and weather enthusiasts outside of the program at our events this year!

See you around!

Upcoming Events

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