An Interview: Prof. William Colgan

What is your educational background? I did my undergrad at Queens University in Biology and Geography. Then I moved on to University of Alberta for my Masters degree in Atmospheric Science. This is where I got hooked on the ice cores! Finally, I completed my Ph. D. at University of Colorado on the topic “The […]

Julien Li-Chee-Ming Awards the 2nd Place in Student Papers Competition

Unmanned Systems Canada awards were presented at the 14th annual Unmanned Systems Conference held in Edmonton AB on November 1st-3rd, 2016. York University graduate student Julien Li-Chee-Ming has received the well-deserved 2nd place in the Student Papers Competition. Couple years ago, Julien has received the 1st place award in the same competition. Student Papers Competition […]

UAV Campaign

Highlights from the UAV Campaign by Dr. Regina Lee’s research team: Video by: Thong Thai Music: DEAF KEV Invincible Editor: Loan and Tetiana Sitiugina

ESSE Technician Jennifer Gao: An Interview

Full name: Yuan Gao, but you can call me Jennifer, because it is easier to pronounce. What is your educational background? I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering back in China. What is your favorite part of ESSE labs? I have a lot of favorite parts, as I enjoy my job a lot. I […]

Modelling Marine Boundary-Layer Fog Development over Changes in Surface Conditions

Peter Taylor’s research group have a new 6-month NSERC-ENGAGE grant (Started Oct. 1, 2016) with AMEC Foster Wheeler to study fog over the Grand Banks. Dr. Wensong Weng and Adjunct Professor George Isaac will be involved. The proposal summary is: “Marine fog over the Grand Banks offshore from Newfoundland and in other marine areas is […]

2016 KASA Balloon Campaign in Kiruna, Sweden

  In the first week of September 2016, three Canadian payloads flew on a stratospheric balloon that performed a 10-hour mission at an altitude of 34 km in Kiruna, Sweden. The primary payload, 2-D Imaging Fabry-Pérot Spectrometer, is jointly developed by York University and MPB Communications Inc., the Fabry-Pérot spectrometer can obtain very high spectral resolution measurements. […]

OSIRIS REX Asteroid Mission Launch

On September 8th, NASA’s OSIRIS REX (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security and Regolith Explorer) mission was launched successfully from Cape Canaveral. It took off at  7.05pm EST. With the funding by the Canadian Space Agency, Professor Mike Daly has been the lead researcher behind the OLA laser altimeter. The high-powered laser will be used […]

Astronaut Jeremy Hansen Visits York

On October 12th, 2016, a modern day space explorer Jeremy Hansen has visited Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence to talk about his life as an astronaut, astronomy, and following your dreams. Jeremy has wanted to be an astronaut for as long as he can remember and began flying at the age of 17; he eventually […]

ESSE Geomatics Professor explains Pokemon Go

ESSE’s Dr. Sunil Bisnath explains the mechanisms behind Niantic’s Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game, from a Geomatics perspective in this video by the Lassonde School of Engineering.  

Welcome Mojgan: An Interview

Full name: Amaneh Jadidi is my full name but I prefer everyone calls me Mojgan—that’s the name my mother gave me. Where did you work before ESSE? I did my post-doc here since September 2014, but I was also an intern for Metrolinx for 8 months beginning November 2015. I did my PhD at the […]

3 Summer Courses offered by ESSE this year

ESSE 2630 – Field Surveys by S. Bisnath This end of second year practical field surveys course grew from its typical dozen or so Geomatics Engineering and Geomatics Science students to over sixty students with the addition of Civil Engineering students.  Planning and good TAs made all the difference.  As most of you witnessed, the northeastern quadrant […]

NASA Firn Cover expedition

Greenland Ice Sheet by L. Colgan I am participating in the annual NASA Firn Cover expedition to the Greenland Ice Sheet, which is led by the University of Colorado. We spend about five weeks on the ice sheet, snowmobiling and flying around to sample the “firn” of the ice sheet. The “firn” is the porous […]

Air Quality

Between July 5th and 15th, the Air Quality Research Lab ran on-road vehicle chasing experiments in order to investigate how pollutants released from quickly moving vehicles mix with the surrounding air.  Prof. Peter Taylor’s generously loaned SUV was oufitted with a sonic anemometer to measure wind speed and turbulence, a Licor open-path high-speed sampler to […]

ENG 4350 Winter Semester Field Trip to ARO

The annual ENG 4350 field trip to ARO was highly successful this year as all lab groups were able to track not only GPS satellites, but also GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou satellites as well.  The weather was excellent during the stay and the students had time to see the ARO facility (as well as a […]

Welcome Elise: An Interview

This June, we welcomed Elise to the position of administrative assistant for the department. We wanted to find out a bit more about our newest addition, so we went ahead to ask her a couple of questions! Full name: Lindsey Elise Armstrong. I go by  Elise, my middle name. Where did you work before ESSE? I’ve been […]