Shrishti Iyer

Favourite part of my job is being able to witness core geomatics principles which I learnt as an undergrad being applied towards creating and innovating revolutionary products in GNSS aided inertial navigation industry. I enjoy being able to get hands on experience with technology that is transforming the mapping and positioning industry in airborne, land and marine platforms at Applanix, A Trimble Company. It is a very valuable learning experience to be working with professionals from the field of geomatics striving towards implementing breakthrough technology for a global customer base.

Shrishti IyerBASc (Hons.), Engineer in Training (PEO) Product Support Analyst, Applanix Corporation, Richmond Hill, ON, Class of 2013, Geomatics Engineering, York University
Nimal Navarathinam

My best memory from York University has been the interesting variety of projects I worked on and the diversity of the people I worked with as an undergraduate and graduate student. These projects have helped prepare me for work in an industry that typically involves large teams from different countries with different technical, and non-technical, backgrounds.

Nimal NavarathinamBASc (HONS.), MSc Space Systems Engineer, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., Surrey, UK Class of 2010, Space Engineering, York University
Yu Gao

I have been greatly involved in the different challenging projects of Optech airborne LiDAR and camera products, including supplying marketing dataset for sales manager, conducting data analysis for the test data from Optech products, and working closely with R & D department for debugging. And I have built good relationships with our clients when troubleshooting their systems and addressing their inquiries. My knowledge of programming and database has been greatly enhanced via communications with sales, hardware, software and testing specialists.

Yu GaoPhotogrammetric Test Technologist, OPTECH Inc., Toronto, Canda Class of 2011, Geomatics Engineering, York University

The best of this program is that I am actually learning from and working with people that put stuff in space! I thought people like that would work in secret government labs or at fancy companies (not to discredit our professors, they are all fantastic). It is awesome to be able to get knowledge and wisdom from people who are doing the sort of things I want to do for a career.

Keagan LeeSpace Engineering Major

Life at school in this major involves a lot of studying, but also lots of opportunities to have fun, network, and learn with the York Atmospheric Science Club (YASC). Just about everyone in the program (which isn’t a lot of people!) is in YASC, and I highly advise all incoming first year students to do so as well as YASC will be a great resource for you during your time at York.

Crawford LukeAtmospheric Science Major