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Rising Stars at Lassonde Receive Seed Funding

Xuyang Han

Xuyang Han, 2021 Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Scholarship recipient

The Department of Earth and Space Science & Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering is very proud to announce and Congratulate 2021 Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Scholarship recipient, Xuyang Han !!.

The Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Award program provides software, books, training, funding and other benefits to students at colleges and universities across Canada. Each participating institution may select one candidate using a process and criteria that reflect the nature of their program(s) where GIS is used.

Congratulations Xuyang!! Very well done and very well deserved!!.

Xuyang Han

Xuyang Han, Geomatics Engineering Graduate Student,Winner of 2020- 2021 BeSpatial Student Bursary Award

The BeSpatial Student Bursary award is an annual award that recognizes the contributions of students studying at Ontario post-secondary institutions to the geospatial and information community.

Xuyang Han, MSc Graduate student of Geomatics Engineering, Dept. of Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering is the Winner of the 2020-2021 BeSpatial Student Bursary award.

Xuyang Han, won this award for his paper and poster entitled “Modeling Vessel Behaviours by Clustering AIS Data Using Optimized DBSCAN”.  Xuyang Han research focuses on modelling vessel behaviours by clustering AIS data using optimized DBSCAN. He has more than 3 years of well-rounded experience in geospatial data analytics using Python and other programming languages, big data in relational and non-relational databases, developing machine learning models (e.g., using TensorFlow), data mining, using software such as Tableau and GIS Online for data visualization and reporting insights.

Congratulations Xuyang !!.