3 Summer Courses offered by ESSE this year

ESSE 2630 – Field Surveys

by S. Bisnath

This end of second year practical field surveys course grew from its typical dozen or so Geomatics Engineering and Geomatics Science students to over sixty students with the addition of Civil Engineering students.  Planning and good TAs made all the difference.  As most of you witnessed, the northeastern quadrant of the Keele Campus was very busy with two weeks of surveying.  Students worked from 8 am to dusk (and later), seven days a week on field measurements, calculations, reporting and map generation to produce topographic plans for 14 buildings on campus.  While students always complain about the long hours and amount of work, the vast majority of the class recognized how much they learned and the real-world value of their training both in terms of technical and professional skills development.

ESSE 2210—Engineering and the Environment

by W. Colgan

This new course was offered for the first time this summer. Approximately forty students enrolled in the initial J2 session offering to learn about environmental sustainability. The course provides students with exposure to the social aspects of large infrastructure projects, including the environmental assessment and stakeholder consultation processes, with strong climate change mitigation and adaptation themes. Development of the 36 AU 100% complementary studies course, which provide an alternative to ENVS 2150  for student to satisfy CEAB attributes, was guided by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations’ Committee on Engineering and the Environment strategic plan. ESSE will offer the course once more during the academic year Fall or Winter terms.

ESSE 3660—Advanced Field Surveys was also offered.