Call for Projects for ENG4000

Dear colleague,

As the course directors for the capstone Engineering course at the Lassonde School of Engineering, we are looking to develop cross-campus collaborations for our students and yours for the upcoming academic year. The capstone course is a 2-semester project course taken by our 4th year students to design, develop and test an Engineering system. As part of our “Renaissance Engineering” brand, we are keen to encourage our students to recognize the importance of cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration to come up with solutions to today’s most challenging complex problems, and would be keen to include collaborative projects with your department in our proposed capstone projects.

Last year we proposed 4 such projects (one with Music to develop an electronic flute, one with Psychology to develop a virtual reality system for Orangutans, one with the teaching commons to develop a pedagogy-support app and one with our own student services to develop a “social kiosk” for students), with our students selecting two of these. This year, we would be interested to propose more such projects. At the simplest level, these can consist of a faculty member or student / student group acting as a system user, helping our students understand the user need for a system, and working with our students to develop a solution that meets that need. If you may be interested in a different type of collaboration, however, that may benefit your department or students in another way, we would also be interested to discuss this with you.

Projects are supervised by us as course directors, along with a dedicated faculty supervisor from Lassonde and an industry adviser, and students are required to go through traditional engineering project gate reviews through the year as they develop their solutions. Whilst proposing a project is not a guarantee that a student team will select it, our students very much appreciate projects proposed from real-world users. The level of support or interaction required from your department or students can be as minimal as proposing a project or much more extensive if desired. The 2017-2018 capstone course starts in September, but we are looking to shortlist projects by early August to ensure they meet our academic requirements and that we can identify suitable supervisors and industry advisers for every project by September. If you have a possible project you may want to propose, or would like to know more about the capstone course at York, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

Franz Newland (ESSE), Hossam Sadek (Mechanical), James Smith (EECS)