ESS Atmospheric Science Research Group

In addition to meetings of specialized research teams, several of the Atmospheric Science faculty thought that it would be useful to organize monthly meetings of as many atmospheric science researchers (faculty, RAs, grad students and others) as are interested.

The first meeting was held at lunchtime on September 22nd, and a second is provisionally planned for October 20th.

In addition to pizza and informal discussions, the aim is to include some short scientific presentations. In September, Peter Taylor talked about the O-QNet wind profilers, NARR and upper level winds, and Cliford Ndiweni talked about emissions from oils sands tailings ponds.

At present, Peter Taylor ( is organizing these, so if you want to be added to the mailing list, offer talks, etc. please contact him, ideally with a subject line: “ESS Atmospheric Research Group Meetings”

by  Dr. Peter Taylor