ESSE’s participation in CASI

After the Canadian Space Agency, York has the largest delegation at this conference – most of whom are young researchers ranging from undergraduates through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. This has not gone unnoticed amongst the conference organizers and participants.

That’s important because this is a venue where we can really have an impact. We’ve heard from the heads of the CSA and ESA and senior officials of NASA. In particular, the Canadian Space Agency representatives, including our newest astronaut, have been attending far more than just their keynote presentations. We also have an excellent cross-section of industry present, allowing us opportunities to further cement our collaborations.

Our role goes far beyond mere presence. Several among us have taken a leadership role with representation on the organizing committee, the CASI council, and in chairing sessions (in some of the themes we represent 2/3rds of the chairs). Much of the content of those sessions are provided by us as well. Collectively, we are giving 19 presentations, more than 10% of the 150 total papers being presented. These projects span a large range of research areas from instrumentation to optical tools and techniques, through planetary science, remote sensing, space mission design, microgravity technology and more. This conference is a tangible demonstration that our diversity in research truly is our strength as a department.

Last, but certainly not least, the excellence of our research is being recognized at a high level, with Mike Daly presenting this year’s prestigious Turnbull Lecture to close the conference.

by J. Moores