Field Survey Setup Competition



Total Station Setup Competition (Photo Credit: Mojgan Jadidi)

By: Mojgan Jadidi

As a tradition of each summer, ESSE 2630 Field Survey camp was offered for Second Year Geomatics Engineering/Science and  Civil Engineering students from April 25th to May 8th. There was a total of 68 students working within 13 groups, combining both Geomatics and Civil students. Per nature of field camp, the class always ran between 8:30 am and 9:00 pm with a combination of lecture, field, and office work.

As part of the assessment and to create fun ambiance at the end, a Total Station Setup Competition is conducted each year where students compete to have a proper set up (centre on the target and level) in the minimum amount of time. There are two categories of winners: a group winner and an individual winner.

This year, the competition ended with setup champions as follows:


Individual Winner:


Congratulations to Philip Marano, individual winner of the Total Station Setup Competition! (Photo Credit: Mojgan Jadidi)

Philip Marano (Civil Eng, 1 min 07 sec)

Group Winner: Group 08 with average 1 min 37 sec

Naveen Faizaan GE

Chapman Ryder CE

Kaimgi Zaid CE

Patel Preet CE

Valadao Ryan CE

Farquhar Dion GE


The field survey camp has ended successfully in a great ambiance and satisfaction, despite fatigue and hard work of all the students, TAs, and the instructor. All Geomatics and Civil students enjoyed working together and gaining experience from each other.