Julien Li-Chee-Ming Awards the 2nd Place in Student Papers Competition

Unmanned Systems Canada awards were presented at the 14th annual Unmanned Systems Conference held in Edmonton AB on November 1st-3rd, 2016. York University graduate student Julien Li-Chee-Ming has received the well-deserved 2nd place in the Student Papers Competition. Couple years ago, Julien has received the 1st place award in the same competition.

Student Papers Competition is open to all Canadian full time undergraduate and graduate students. The paper has to demonstrate research into any aspect related to Unmanned Vehicle systems. Here is the summary of Julien’s award-winning paper:

The GeoICT Lab at York University is developing a mapping and tracking system based on the Arducopter UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that can accurately navigate waypoints in indoor and GPS-denied outdoor environments. A method is proposed to estimate the UAV’s pose (i.e., the 3D position and orientation of the camera sensor) in real-time using only the on-board RGB camera as the UAV travels through a known 3D environment (i.e., a 3D CAD model is available).  Linear features are automatically matched between images collected by the UAV’s onboard RGB camera and the 3D model of the environment.  The matched lines from the 3D model serve as ground control to estimate the camera pose in real-time via line-based space resection.  The results demonstrate a significant improvement from the state-of-art alternative in 3D model-based pose estimation.

Congratulations to Julien! (on the right) (https://unmannedsystems.ca/unmanned-systems-canada-awards-presented-with-membership-audience-at-annual-conference)

Congratulations to Julien! (on the right)