Welcome Elise: An Interview

This June, we welcomed Elise to the position of administrative assistant for the department. We wanted to find out a bit more about our newest addition, so we went ahead to ask her a couple of questions!

Full name: Lindsey Elise Armstrong. I go by  Elise, my middle name.

Where did you work before ESSE? I’ve been at York for 13 years. I started in Founders College, then moved to Sociology as the Secretary to the Chair and worked as a Graduate Program Assistant as well. I was also a Secretary to the Chair in the English department and more recently, I held the same position in Social Science.

Favourite thing about York? The endless opportunities for staff, students, and faculty, for involvement both within the York community and externally. I’m really excited to be a part of this department and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Favourite building at York? The Bergeron or Vari Hall, because of the open windows. I like buildings like Petrie, which is smaller, because I feel like it results in a more close knit group.

What’s a big lesson you’ve learned during your time at York? Students will do anything for free food.

What’s your pet peeve? I can’t stand a messy desk!

Favourite Quote? “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come” – Unknown

Favourite Colour? Purple.

Favourite Food? Chocolate!

Favourite Store? RW & Co

Favourite movie? The minions movie, they’re so cute.

If you could be any age, which age would you choose? In my 30s because I feel there’s a certain level of security, maturity, and direction at that age.

Summer/Winter, Apple/PC, Coffee/Tea, Heels/Flats, Ketchup/Mustard/Relish.