Picture of Christian Haas

Christian Haas

Professor, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair for Arctic Sea Ice Geophysics

Earth & Space Science & Engineering

Petrie 105

416 736 2100 ext 77705




For 15 years, Christian has worked with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany, where he was the Head of the Sea Ice Section. In 2007 he moved to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, as an Alberta Ingenuity Scholar. Christian is still an adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta and continue to supervise graduate students. Since 2012 he is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Arctic Sea Ice Geophysics at York University, Toronto.

Research Interests

    • Sea ice and snow thickness
    • Ocean-ice-atmosphere interaction
    • Arctic climate change
    • Airborne geophysics
    • Electromagnetic induction sounding
    • Sensor development
    • Satellite remote sensing
    • Ice engineering

Selected Publications

  • Laxon, S.W., K.A. Giles, A.L. Ridout, D.J. Wingham, R. Willatt, R. Cullen, R. Kwok, A. Schweiger, J. Zhang, C. Haas, S. Hendricks, R. Krishfield, N. Kurtz, S.Farrell, M. Davidson (2013), CryoSat-2 estimates of Arctic sea ice thickness and volume. Geoph. R
  • Haas, C., (2012), Airborne Observations of the Distribution, Thickness, and Drift of Different Sea Ice Types and Extreme Ice Features in the Canadian Beaufort Sea, Proceedings of the Arctic Technology Conference ATC, Houston, Texas, December 3-5, 2012, Pa
  • Lindsay, R., Haas, C., Hendricks, S., Hunkeler, P., Kurtz, N., Paden, J., Panzer, B., Sonntag, J., Yungel, J., and Zhang J. (2012), Seasonal forecasts of Arctic sea ice initialized with observations of ice thickness, Geophys. Res. Lett., 39, L21502, doi:1
  • Haas, C., Le Goff, H., Audurain, S, Perovich, D., Haapala, J. (2011). Comparison of seasonal sea-ice thickness change in the Transpolar Drift observed by local ice mass-balance observations and floe-scale EM surveys, Annals of Glaciology, 52(57), 97-102.
  • Haas, C., Hendricks, S., Eicken, H., Herber, A.(2010).Synoptic airborne thickness surveys reveal state of Arctic sea ice cover, Geophysical Research Letters, 37, L09501, 5 p., doi:10.1029/2010GL042652
  • Haas, C., Lobach, J., Hendricks, S., Rabenstein, L., Pfaffling, A. (2009). Helicopter-borne measurements of sea ice thickness, using a small and lightweight, digital EM system, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 67(3), 234-241., doi:10.1016/j.jappgeo.2008.05.
  • Haas, C., Pfaffling, A., Hendricks, S., Rabenstein, L., Etienne, J.-L., Rigor, I. (2008). Reduced ice thickness in Arctic Transpolar Drift favors rapid ice retreat, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L17501.
  • Haas, C. (1998). Evaluation of ship-based electromagnetic-inductive thickness measurements of summer sea-ice in the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas, Antarctica, Cold Regions Science and Technology,27,1-16.
  • Haas, C., Gerland, S., Eicken, H., Miller, H. (1997). Comparison of sea-ice thickness measurements under summer and winter conditions in the Arctic using a small electromagnetic induction device, Geophysics,62/3,749-757.