Mojgan (Amaneh) Jadidi

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Assistant Professor of Geomatics Engineering, Teaching stream

Petrie 148

416-736-2100 Ext 77704


Dr. Mojgan Jadidi is an inspired faculty member at Lassonde school of Engineering, Geomatics engineering program who embraces the power of location turn it to knowledge discovery for better and informed decision making in the context of smart buildings, infrastructures and cities. She received her PhD in Geomatics from Université Laval in 2014 working on development of Fuzzy Spatial Datacube for Risk Assessment. She has MSc in Earthquake and Seismology Engineering from Rose School, Italy and Université Joseph Fourier, France and BSc in Civil-Survey Engineering from Iranian University of Science and Technology. Her research has been funded by multiple grants from NSERC, Mitacs, COMREN and internal York University funds. She is currently associate Director of ESRI Center of Excellence at York University. Before joining Lassonde School of Engineering, she was a postdoctoral researcher at GeoICT Lab working on BIM-GIS data integration and dynamic visualization of urban data using recent 3D web services from September 2014 to June 2016 (a project funded by CIVDDD and BRAIN Alliance). Dr. Jadidi won a number of international awards and scholarships for post doctorate, graduate studies, such as the NSERC in 2016, ESRI Students Award in 2011 and Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship from the European Commission in 2006. She is active member of ISPRS Commission IV/W7 GeoData Management since 2016.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Dimitrios Bolkas,  Mojgan A Jadidi, Jeffrey Chiampi, Muhammad Usman, “Web Based Game vs. Virtual Reality Field Surveying Labs Towards Enhancing Experiential Education”, American Society of Engineering Education Conference, 2021

Francesca Noardo , Lars Harrie, Ken Arroyo Ohori, Filip Biljecki,  Claire Ellul, Helen Eriksson, Dogus Guler, Dean Hintz, Mojgan A. Jadidi,  Maria Pla, Santi Sanchez, Rudi Stouffs, Jernej Tekavec, Jantien Stoter. “Tools for BIM-GIS integration (IFC georeferencing and conversions): results from the GeoBIM benchmark 2019”, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, Preprint July 10th.

Martin Breunig, Patrick Bradley, Markus Jahn, Paul Kuper, Nima Mazroob, Norbert 4 Rösch, Mulhim Al-Doori, Emmanuel Stefanakis, and Mojgan Jadidi; “Geospatial Data Management Research:  Progress and Future Directions”, ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2020, 9, 95; doi:10.3390/ijgi9020095, 2020.

S. Keykhosravi, U. Khan, M.A. Jadidi, “The Low Impact Development Demand Index: A new approach to identify locations for LID”, Water 2019, 11(11), 2341.

Aman Ullah, M. Jadidi, G. Sohn, “Automatic Ontology Generation of BIM And GIS Data”, ISPRS Archive, XXIV ISPRS Congress 2020, France.

Xuyang Han, C. Armenakis, M. Jadidi, “Marine Trajectory Clustering Using Optimized DBSCAN”, ISPRS Archive, XXIV ISPRS Congress 2020, France.

A.H. Nourbakhsh, M. Delavar, M. Jadidi, B. Moshiri, “Reducing the Time to Get Emergency Assistance for Accident Vehicles on the Road Through an Intelligent Transportation System”, ISPRS International Joint Conferences SMPR and GIResearch 2019, Tehran, 2019.

Hor, A.-H., Sohn, G., Claudio, P., Jadidi, M., and Afnan, A. “A Semantic Graph Database For BIM-GIS Integrated Information Model for an Intelligent Urban Mobility Web Application”, ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., IV-4, 89-96,, 2018.

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