Regina Lee

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Professor of Space Engineering

Petrie 140

(416)-736-2100 Ext 66438


Prof. Regina Lee, PhD, PEng, Professor of Space Engineering has led numerous projects in the area of satellite technologies including the design of micro-sensors and actuators, micro-spectrometer development, solar panel technology demonstration and attitude control design for nanosatellites. Her research focuses on application of micro-systems technologies in satellite design in close partnership with a number of industry and government research partners including DRDC, Honeywell, Magellan and MSCI.

Research Interests

Nanosatellite technologies, space object tracking

Research Lab


Location: PSE010

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Selected Publications

  • Konstantin Bolshakov, Fuat Diriker, Ryan Clark, Regina Lee, Hugh Podmore, “Array-based Digital Sun sensor Design for CubeSat Application,” Acta Astronautica, 2020.
  • Ryan Clark, Regina Lee, “Parallel Processing for Orbital Maneuver Detection.,” Advances in Space Research Volume 66, Issue 2, 15 July 2020, Pages 444-449.
  • Hugh Podmore, Alan Scott, Regina Lee, “On-chip compressed sensing Fourier-transform visible spectrometer,” IEEE Photonics Journal, PP(99):1-1 · October 2018.