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Tom McElroy

Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar

Petrie 419

416- 570- 5183



Professor Charles Thomas (Tom) McElroy got his Ph.D. degree from York University. He holds his B.Sc and M.Sc degree, from University of Toronto. He has been a visiting Research Professor at Denver University and the Technical Assistant to the Manager of the Canadian Astronaut Program. After a 36-year career with Environment Canada, he took up the CSA/ABB/NSERC Industrial Research Chair from 2011- 2015, at York University. McElroy has published 135 refereed journal papers and book chapters and has received numerous national and international awards. He is a co-inventor of the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer and the UV Index, now in use in more than 25 countries.

Research Interests

Space-based remote sounding of the atmosphere

Selected Publications

  • McElroy, Tom, D.V. Barton, C.R. Nowlan, and J.R. Drummond, MAESTRO: The SCISAT UV-Visible-Near IR Instrument, in The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment ACE at 10: A Solar Occultation Anthology, A. Deepak Publishing, Hampton, VA, 2013.
  • McElroy, Tom, and P.F. Fogal, Ozone: From Discovery to Protection, Atmosphere-Ocean, 46, 1, 1-13, doi:10.3137/ao.460101, 2008.
  • McElroy, Tom, and P.F.Fogal, Understanding Ozone Depletion: Measurements and Models, Atmosphere-Ocean, 46, 1, 15-37, doi:10.3137/ao.4601002, 2008.