Isaac Smith

Assistant Professor, Planetary Science & Canada Research Chair

Petrie 110

(416)-736-2100 x 77703 (Voicemail)


Dr. Isaac Smith joined York University as an Assistant Professor, CRC Tier II in Planetary Science on July 1, 2018. Dr. Smith is a planetary scientist that concentrates on atmospheric, surface, and subsurface processes on Mars, especially related to ice. He is a co-investigator on the SHARAD instrument and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. He comes to us from the Planetary Science Institute, where he joined as a post-doctoral researcher in 2016 and was promoted to research scientist in 2017. He completed his PhD at the University of Texas in 2013 and afterward received a Fulbright Fellowship to work at the Laboratory de Meterologie Dynamic at Sorbonne University in Paris. Dr. Smith’s office is PSE 110.

At York, Dr. Smith intends to continue his ongoing research and add laboratory and field components in his study of ice processes and behavior. For field work, he would like to study permafrost features and morphology in the Canadian Arctic and relate the analogue landforms to permafrost features found on Mars. In the lab he aims to constraint the rheological properties of CO2 ice to study its behavior as glaciers and albedo effects of CO2 ice as it sinters dues to incident solar radiation. Working with other ices, such as N2 and CH4, two common ices on Pluto, are longer term goals.

Research Interests

  • Mars ice and climate processes
  • Geomorphology, especially related to ice
  • Ices in the Solar system

Selected Publications

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