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Professor of Atmospheric Science

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Peter Taylor has been a Professor of Atmospheric Science at York University since 1988. He currently works 60% of his time with York and 40% with Zephyr North, a Burlington wind energy consultancy. Prior to 1988 he was a senior research scientist with Environment Canada and had taught Mathematics at University of Toronto and Physical Oceanography at the University of Southampton (UK).

Peter works in atmospheric boundary layer and wind energy studies using a range of numerical models, analyzing data and conducting field programs. Peter has a long standing interest in renewable energy research and in 1982/83 he led the Askervein hill study (on S. Uist, Scotland) which remains a widely used data set for testing models of flow over hills for wind energy studies. He is also involved in studies based on data from the York/Western/McGill network of ten VHF wind profilers which monitor winds and turbulence from the surface up to about 15 km over southern Ontario and Quebec.

Other Information:

  • Directed the Educational Video, Wind Energy in Canada, available free on request ( as a DVD.

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric boundary layer and wind energy studies

Selected Publications

Jim Salmon and Peter Taylor, 2013, Errors and uncertainties associated with missing wind data and short records, Wind Energy.

Biswas, S, Taylor, P.A., and Salmon J.R., 2012, A Model of Ice Throw Trajectories from Wind Turbines, Wind Energy, 15: 889–901. doi: 10.1002/we.519

Malik, K.M and Taylor, P.A., 2011, Characteristics of Moisture flux convergence over the Mackenzie River Basin for water years 1991-2008, Atmosphere-Ocean, 49, 279-288.

Gheynani, Babak T., Emamai-Razavi, Mohsen and Taylor, Peter A., 2011, Thermophoresis and dust devils on the planet Mars, Physical Review E, 84, 056305,1-8.

Weng, W. and Taylor, P. A., 2011: A Non-Linear Mixed Spectral Finite-Difference 3-D model for planetary boundary-layer flow over complex terrain, Adv. Sci. Res., 6, 75-78.

Alexander A. Baklanov, Branko Gri sogono, Robert Bornstein, Larry Mahrt, Sergej S. Zilitinkevich, Peter Taylor, Søren E. Larsen, Mathi as W. Rotach, and H. J. S. Fernando, 2011, The Nature, Theory, and Modeling of Atmospheric Planetary Boundary Layers, Bu

Recent Presentations

  • European Geosciences Union, Vienna, April 2013.