Christian Haas

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Arctic Sea Ice

Dr. Christian Haas, Canada Research Chair in Arctic Sea Ice Geophysics, is examining the underlying reasons for the recent rapid retreat of Arctic sea ice, and its consequences for the Arctic climate system and ecosystem—for northerners and for access to resources and shipping routes. He is also addressing the role of changes in winds and ice drift, as well as variations in atmospheric radiation, ocean salinity and atmospheric and ocean temperatures, on ice thickness.

Haas is developing a thorough understanding of the reasons for the recent Arctic sea ice decline in order to help predict future scenarios and identify links to possible human-induced causes of climate change.

Jim Whiteway

Director of Centre for Research in Earth and Space Science (CRESS)

Jim Whiteway is Canada Research Chair in Space Engineering and Atmospheric Science and associate professor of Space Engineering in the Faculty of Science & Engineering. He is also the Director of York’s Centre for Research on Earth & Space Science (CRESS). Whiteway specializes in the development and application of laser remote sensing technology for atmospheric research. He was the Principal Investigator for the LIDAR instrument on the NASA Phoenix Mars mission, and his research also involves studies of the Earths atmospheric climate.

Tom McElroy

NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Tom McElroy is very active in Canada and internationally on issues related to ozone. He is a co-inventor of the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer in use in 41 countries world-wide and is the designer of the ‘double Brewer’, the most accurate ozone measuring instrument in the Global Ozone Observing System. McElroy designed the Sun-Photometer flown on the Space Shuttle Challenger with Astronaut Marc Garneau in 1984 and the SunPhotoSpectrometer flown on the Shuttle with Steve MacLean in 1992.