John Moores

Tier 2 York Research Chair in Space Exploration

John Moores is an internationally recognized planetary scientist and space engineer whose research explores the atmospheres and surfaces of other worlds. His research group has been a member of the science and operations teams of five ESA and NASA space missions to Mars and Titan, and has been awarded the NASA group achievement award on 16 occasions. Moores has published 75 papers with 6,348 citations. He was elected as a Member of the College of New Scholars in the Royal Society of Canada in 2018.

Isaac Smith

Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Planetary Science

Isaac Smith is a Canada Research Chair in Planetary Science and Assistant Professor of Earth and Space Science. His current work at York has multiple components. First, he is a Co-Investigator on the Shallow Radar (SHARAD) instrument on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and participates in planning, data processing, and interpretation of the radar sounder data, especially where the radar observes H2O and CO2 ices. He is also involved in proposing future space missions to the moon and Mars that have Canadian instruments.

Besides radar applications, Smith also uses active mission data to interpret seasonal effects at the martian poles in order to understand how the polar ice cap surfaces change with time. Finally, he is building a Mars environmental chamber at York University that will replicate the conditions at the poles of Mars in order to create CO2 ice and learn about its behavior on other planets. These experiments will hopefully lead to even more advanced experiments with exotic ices such as N2, CO, and CH4.

Isaac Smith