The Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering encompasses the fields of Atmospheric Science and Meteorology, Geomatics Science and Geomatics Engineering, and Space Science and Engineering. Our multidisciplinary and dynamic approach to teaching and research instil the knowledge and values necessary to prepare our students for careers in diverse areas.

Bachelor of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Science (EATS)

Studying Earth & Atmospheric Science at Lassonde trains you in the fundamental science of the Earth and its atmosphere at Canada’s leading centre for geoscience research. Undergraduate students can choose to pursue a Honours BSc in any of the following streams:


Geomatics Science focuses on modern geophysics, Earth’s gravity field, reference systems, and geospatial applications.


As a space science student, you wil study the near Earth space environment as well as other planets.


Atmospheric Science explores meteorology, from the turbulent micro scale to the large synoptic scale weather systems.

Bachelor of Engineering Programs

Studying  in Ontario’s only Geomatics engineering program at Lassonde trains you in the fundamentals of Field surveying and Geodetic surveying . Studying Space Engineering at Lassonde trains you with Engineering skills used in Space technology and its applications . Undergraduate students can choose to pursue a BEng in any of the following streams:


Our Geomatics Engineering program emphasizes practical and professional experience through field courses that will train you in land and engineering surveying, remote sensing using aerial and satellite imagery, and digital terrain modeling.


Unique in Canada, our Space Engineering program will equip you with the technical skills required to design solutions to Earth’s problems using space-based assets while utilizing the principles of systems engineering.

Honours degree candidates in Geomatics Science must complete the Geomatics Science Core and Honours degree candidates in Atmospheric Science must complete the Atmospheric Science Core.

In addition, the department also offers: