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Space Science Stream

Space Science

Canada’s unique geographical and political circumstances have led to a thriving space industry with its own unique capabilities. To prepare you for a career in this exciting field, York offers a Space Science program, the only one of its kind in Canada.

The Space Science stream focuses on the exploration of the Earth and its atmosphere from space, as well as the exploration of other planetary bodies. As a Space Science student, you will be involved in the design of technologies for space exploration and develop skills in the acquisition and interpretation of remotely sensed data from space vehicles Along with a fundamental knowledge of atmospheric and climate science, the stream has strong emphasis on physics.

Graduates from our Space Science often pursue graduate research and can find employment in Canada’s space sector. Examples of Space companies include:

  • Canadian Space Agency (CSA)
  • Honeywell Aerospace
  • Microsat Systems Canada Inc.
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA)

Why Space Science?

The physics and chemistry of the upper atmosphere, the near-Earth space environment, dynamics of the atmosphere and its chemistry, emission, absorption and scattering of light from the atmosphere: these are just a few of the areas of interest of space scientists. Students of this program will investigate phenomena fundamental to the development of instruments for temperature measurement, observation, winds and chemical composition of the atmosphere and the scientific analysis of the observations to determine its characteristics. These observations may be made from the ground, from aircraft, high altitude balloons or satellite platforms.

As the prospect of interplanetary settlement becomes more and more real, space scientists will help ensure the safety of Earth, and our solar system, as we travel further into the Universe.

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