Bachelor of Engineering (BEng):

Space Engineering

About the Program:

Space Engineering is designed to provide students with the specialist multidisciplinary knowledge and skills required for a career working with space technology and its applications. Our students will have access to all aspects of the design, development and delivery of spacecraft and payloads, and as a result are very attractive to employers in space-related industries. As a space engineer, you will have the chance to be involved in, and gain experience of real space missions, from initial concept design to hardware and software design, manufacturing, testing, and in-orbit operations.

Space Engineering is a rapidly emerging field that has links to many other disciplines including Space Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geomatics Engineering and Computer Engineering, all of which are offered at Lassonde. Space Engineering is concerned with the development of space technology and its applications that will increase our knowledge of the Earth, our planetary system and universe.

Space Engineering in combination with Space Science enables the development of new technologies and applications that accelerate economic growth and improve the standard of living. Space-borne sensors provide useful, and in many cases real-time data that have a wide variety of applications in weather prediction, resource exploration, environmental management, navigation, health and safety, and many others. Areas of study may include space mission design, satellite systems design, dynamics and control, guidance and navigation, space robotics, satellite remote sensing, spacecraft structures and mechanisms; propulsion systems, and payload design. These studies have strong laboratory components that are connected to international projects/collaborations.

Important Note:

Please email your queries to
Franz Newland, Undergraduate Program Director of Space Engineering.

Curriculum Information:

Students in the Specialized Honours BEng Space Engineering stream are required to complete:

Participation in the Co-op Program is highly recommended for all engineering students, but is not a degree requirement.